Week 21- I live this day to the fullest

Og in scroll 5 emphasizes this.

I make today the best day of my life.

I drink every minute to its full- that creates an image i my mind of squeezing every juice out of the day.

Making the day count has become a sudden awareness.

Value, Value, Value, that is the mantra for the day.

How to provide value at home, at the workplace, in the business, in church.

I give it my best. I am focused, forgetting yesterday and giving no thought to tomorrow.

Today is what counts!

So i labor hard, i do the work, i go the extra mile, i push myself.

I make the day count.

At the end of this day, i express gratitude.





Week 20-Thinking is the true business of life,

Very powerful words from hannel,

20-4. Thinking is the true business of life, power is the result. You are at all times
dealing with the magical power of thought and consciousness. What results can you
expect so long as you remain oblivious to the power which has been placed within
your control?

Thoughts are powerful, that i have come to realize from the master keys.

20-9. But perception will come only in the Silence; this seems to be the condition
required for all great purposes. You are a visualizing entity. Imagination is your
workshop. It is here that your ideal is to be visualized.

The SITs are the way out. Daily SITs to calm the incessant cahtter and also to receive from within. I must SIT, SIT, SIT!

20-13. This power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest laborsaving
device ever dreamed of, but if not understood or improperly used, the result
will in all probability be disastrous, as we have already seen; by the help of this
power you can confidently undertake things that are seemingly impossible, because
this power is the secret of all inspiration, all genius.

I can do all things by the power of thoughts- this is mind blowing!

Week 19- Desire

I remember the early days of MKMMA , of coming up with my DMP.

For me, i did not have to struggle with my PPN, Spiritual Growth and Liberty!, but i eventually arrived at my DMP after a couple of edits.

Everytime, i read my DMP with excitement and passion, i notice that some parts of it excite me more than others.

Every time i say ” I love my fantastic body shape” i get this rush of excitement and i can see my future me with the exact shape , however, when i talk about ” Having 5-figures in my MLM business, the picture does not come to my mind clearly. I often have to remind myself to picture it.

I realized something now, my desire for success in my MLM business was not as strong my desire for my fantastic body shape.  Why is that i wondered, my body shape has always been a pain, despite being fitness and health conscious, my lower body has always been way larger than what i would have loved to, i always blamed it on my genes and assumed there was nothing i can do about it… Until MKMMA, i realized ” I can be what i will to be” and i started coming across fitness programs to sculpt the body- (nice coincidence :)) .

But my finances- well i have a pay-check that i get by with so the pressure is not very high. An A-ha moment. I’ve got to be hungry for success, i have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired of my financial ceiling. My desire to succeed in my MLM business my be as strong as my desire for a fantastic body shape!  BAM!

Taking action towards my goal of 5 figures in MLM biz is now without hesitation.


Week 18- The journey has been but smooth

Thank you once again Og,

How will i avoid killers of time-‘Procrastination I will destroy with action’, Doubt i will bury under faith and  Fear I will dismember with confidence.- reminds me of the  Law of Substitution. 🙂

I am committed to developing good habits. The chipping away of the cement Buddha.  The old me must die, i am willing to let go to get the prize!

The journey has been a struggle, weeks 9-15 was really messy ( the middle is always is right?), a lot of inconsistencies and missing sits and reads, but i got back on track. I had to, i was always seeing shapes, hearing’do it now” and knowing that ‘i can be what i will to be’. The work in the early weeks paid off, they pulled back on track.

Subby is beginning to work in my favour, i gravitate towards the drill.  I know what to do, so i Do it Now! Do It Now! Do it Now!

Two words that will be at the back of my mind, UNTIL and DESPITE!.

I press on!



Week 17HJ-Who am i not to be?

My deepest fear is not that i am inadequate, but that i am powerful  beyond measure.It is my light, not the darkness , that frightens me.  I ask myself, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?

Actually, Who am i  not to be? I am a Child of God!

My playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around me. I was born to manifest the glory of God within me. It is not just in me, it is in everyone. And as i let my own light shine, i consciously give other people permission to do the same. As i am liberated from my fear, my presence automatically liberates others.

My earnest desire is to live a life of significance, so i have to be of service to mankind, how can i do that if i play small?

It is time to play BIG! – do the work, the sits, the readings, the affirmations, the gym, the shapes, the NARC, the makeover… It’s time to rise to the call.

Greatness is in me, i have to manifest it!

i choose to be unstoppable

i choose to live by choice

Grateful for my hero’s journey.

Week 17- Gratitude

What am i grateful for today? That is the question i start to ask myself everyday and the answer has been astonishing. Everything! Yes i am grateful for everything- the good, the bad and the ugly! Why? I wont be here if not for everything that as happened to me, so i am grateful because i love being me- now today!

No wonder the Bible, says to Give thanks in all things!.- Truly, that is very possible.

Grateful to MKMMA for helping me realize the wisdom in expressing gratitude

Gratitude Gift

I am grateful to be alive today, i do not take this for granted! Life is truly amazing!

Week 16- Kindness

It was quite revealing how easy it was to be kind and how kind people her.

As i observed the kindness and focused on doing kind things, i began to see kindness every where (Law of growth in action :)).

Kindness is a win-win situation for all the persons involved, thanks to the MKMMA for making me realize this wonderful gift of kindness that is available to everyone.

We have what it takes to make this world a much better place, just a little more kindness.

Its easy to do and the effects are awesome.


A life of kindness is a fulfilled life


Week 15- I am a Unique Creature

Thank you Og Mandino for this great book- The greatest salesman in the world.

I now celebrate my uniqueness. I am not like everybody, i dont want to be.

Nobody is like me and i capitalize on this uniqueness.  My unique nature is an asset.

I magnify my differences, that is my mission. I am here for purpose and not by chance. I was created uniquely for a reason and i will sure manifest it.

I refuse to just exist, i choose to live!

Week 14-Whatever I think about grows

I am seeing the law of growth in action, when i focus on negativity and things that i do not want, i see more of them, i didnt even realize the law in action until i caught my self some days ago. It was suddenly clear, why am i focusing on what i do not want instead of what i want.

I get it now, even when i struggle, i remember my blue print builder- “i know through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire that i persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it”

Aha- that’s my focus, i think about what i want and i grows! BAM!

Week 13- I persist until I succeed

The journey has been a bumpy one, a lot of starts and stops and starting again, which is part process.

Persistence is key to developing god habits of success.

I need to keep going, I need to keep moving, I need to keep my focus and eye on the goal.

It is indeed a small price to pay for the success and glory that lies ahead.

I know the pay offs will come, it may come big, it may come in small bits but it will surely come.

This is a better way to live life, with intention!